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Ipsos iris is the official source for Online Audience Measurement in the UK from January 2021. The Ipsos iris Research Panel has been set up by Ipsos MORI in conjunction with the governing body for UK Online Measurement (UKOM) in order to provide a total view of how people in the United Kingdom use the internet.

Ipsos iris is a research panel of 10,000 individuals from all over the United Kingdom who agree to take part in the research. By joining the Ipsos iris panel, participants allow Ipsos MORI, in a safe and secure way, to measure what websites they visit and what apps they use every day.

Ipsos iris collects data from smartphones, tablets and computers from all 10,000 panel members to build a full and comprehensive view how people use these devices and which websites and apps they use. The research data collected is used by website owners, publishers, media producers, advertising agencies and broadcasters to ensure they continue to deliver relevant and appropriate content for their audience.

How to join

The Ipsos iris research panel is made up of a cross section of the population who are representative of all internet users in the UK. In order to stay representative, the panel maintains a balance of people based on several classifications, including: age, gender, location and type of internet connected device. Therefore, at different times in the project cycle, we recruit people who meet certain demographics.

If you are interested in taking part, then the first step is for you to complete a short eligibility survey to determine if you match the criteria we are currently looking for. This changes over time so if you do try to join and are not eligible, please consider trying again in future. We love to have people who are enthusiastic about research on our panel. Good Luck!

For more information on how to access the eligibility survey please contact the panel support team at panel@ipsosiris.com.


When you join the Ipsos iris panel you will need to install our bespoke app or software onto any devices that you use to access the internet and allow Ipsos MORI to collect data on how you use those devices. As a thank you for doing this we will invite you to join our rewards programme.

We have partnered with BI Worldwide, who are experts in reward programmes and can offer many fantastic products and experiences, as well as a full-time, UK based team of advisors.

Monthly Rewards Points

We offer a tiered approach to rewards. You earn points each month that you remain on the panel.           

To confirm, 100 points has a value of £10.

Here are some examples:

If you install the app on three or more devices, you will get a 100 point signup bonus and 100 points every month that you remain on the panel with all three devices installed. That would equal £130 over 1 year.

If you install the app on two devices, you will get a 100 point signup bonus and 75 points every month that you remain on the panel and both devices remain installed. That would equal £100 over 1 year.

Please note: the panel support team will not have access to view your points, so will not be able to answer any queries relating to your rewards or items purchased from the catalogue. For this you should login to the Ipsos iris rewards page: https://irispanelrewards.co.uk/ and contact our team at BI Worldwide via the contact page.

Any queries you have that are NOT relating to your rewards can still be answered by the panel support team on: panel@ipsosiris.com

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