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Below you’ll find the most recently published UKOM endorsed Ipsos iris data (March 2024) from the UK’s top 20 online group properties. Online group properties are all the websites and apps owned by that company, e.g. “Alphabet” includes all the websites and apps owned by Google.

Information collected from the Ipsos iris panel is scaled up to be nationally representative and used to generate this data.


Table Definitions
Audience (000s) Number of visitors to the group of websites in the month (in thousands)
Audience reach (%) Percentage of all online users who visit the group of websites in the month
Total Minutes (MM) Minutes spent on each website group by all visitors combined in the month (in millions)
Avg.Mins pp Average number of minutes spent on the website group per visitor in a month
Page Views (MM) Number of times the group of websites was viewed in total in the month (In millions)

Source: Ipsos iris Online Audience Measurement Service, March 2024

Base - All aged 15+ years using PC/Laptop, smartphone or tablet device(s) in that month*

*NB Duration (Total Mins (MM) & Avg. Mins PP) not measured for websites or apps running in device background/'out of focus'

Ipsos iris insights


Amazon's annual Prime Day event took place in mid-July, with shoppers snapping up deals on everything from hair dryers to air fryers.

Ipsos iris data showed that time spent across the Amazon app and was 15% higher than it was for Prime Day 2022. The total time spent shopping more than doubled (+116%) compared to the same days in the previous week, with a bigger spike on Amazon’s app (+154%) than their website (+72%).

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On 1st July, Twitter temporarily limited the number of tweets users could read per day. Ipsos iris data shows this had a big impact – a 16% fall in total time spent on the Twitter app, compared to the same day the previous week.

While some disgruntled users said they would be moving to alternative app Mastodon, our data indicates the rival app only had 25k users on Saturday – compared to Twitter’s 8.2 million. Will the arrival of Threads, from Meta, see more Twitter users tempted away from the nest?

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The Homes & Property category has seen a +11% increase in audience numbers between Q4 2022 and Q1 2023 – the largest increase of any of our digital categories!

Rightmove, the largest brand in this category, has seen a +16% increase over this period. Prospective homeowners earning between £20,000 - £49,000 were the audience most likely to visit the site more often, with an additional 1.2m of these people using Rightmove in the first quarter of 2023.

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