UKOM Ipsos iris monthly data

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Below you’ll find the most recently published UKOM endorsed Ipsos iris data (February 2023) from the UK’s top 20 online group properties. Online group properties are all the websites and apps owned by that company, e.g. “Alphabet” includes all the websites and apps owned by Google.

Information collected from the Ipsos iris panel is scaled up to be nationally representative and used to generate this data.


Table Definitions
Audience (000s) Number of visitors to the group of websites in the month (in thousands)
Audience reach (%) Percentage of all online users who visit the group of websites in the month
Total Minutes (MM) Minutes spent on each website group by all visitors combined in the month (in millions)
Avg.Mins pp Average number of minutes spent on the website group per visitor in a month
Page Views (MM) Number of times the group of websites was viewed in total in the month (In millions)

Source: Ipsos iris Online Audience Measurement Service, February 2023

Base - All aged 15+ years using PC/Laptop, smartphone or tablet device(s) in that month*

*NB Duration (Total Mins (MM) & Avg. Mins PP) not measured for websites or apps running in device background/'out of focus'

Ipsos iris insights

Revolut is gaining attention with UK teens.

Back in July, the digital bank announced a partnership with the YouTube group ‘Sidemen’, who have over 34 billion views on YouTube. The partnership means that Revolut users are able to opt for a Sidemen bankcard, alongside exclusive cashback deals on their merchandise.
Ipsos iris audience data shows that between January and August 2022, Revolut grew 36.5% amongst 15-17 year olds – a jump which could indicate the power of partnerships with influencers and content creators. Will other banks follow suit in future, to reach teenage audiences?

Housing in the UK

Pre-loved clothing brand Vinted continues to grow (increasing by over 1.1million users in 2022 to date) as inflation becomes the primary concern for UK adults.

When we look at Vinted’s audience by financial segments we see that the highest increase of 47% comes from families juggling finances (those with average incomes, but high levels of outgoings), but they are not the only ones exploring pre-loved fashion as high and low earners alike have increasingly visited Vinted. The other remaining Fresco financial segments saw a 24% increase on average.

Housing in the UK

Younger audiences are spending less time on property sites as rising interest rates cause concern (80% of 18-34s are concerned, source). 

When comparing online traffic from June to January, Ipsos iris data reveals drops for: Purple Bricks (-57.3%), On The Market (-37.4%), Prime Location (-25.4%), Zoopla (-23.2%), and Rightmove (-19.7%).

Conversely, the flat sharing site Spareroom saw an +120.7% increase in time spent on the site as younger people appear to be shifting to renting.

Housing in the UK